Autism and Learning Disability Mandate and Support Funding

Sadly all what the Councils say is all window dressing. We have got to realise that it all comes down to finding ( bringing to justice ) the Controlling/Directing mind as they say in the Corporate Negligence Act. Until we do we are not going to stop this horrendous situation. There are so many parallels that can drawn that give rise to overwhelming public outcry once they have been uncovered. This is another of those instances, but this one is a far greater  National scandal and bears the mark of National shame that will never be forgiven.

What is happening in practice is that when all this window dressing passes down to Local Authorities the Local Authorities are able to break the law or bend it by fettering their discretion and get away with have a telling off or pay a nominal compensation (only to those that are able to mount a challenge in the first place and stay the course) rather than pay out the larger funding amount that is required. This is done at the expense of the vulnerable, and carried out with the use of sanctimonious, convoluted meaningless jargon.

We are all sharing the same experiences. We are all saying the same thing- but separately. We are all banging our heads up against a brick wall becoming frustrated, bewildered, angry, despairing almost radicalised. Whichever way and however you approach “them” (Local Authorities/Social Services/Learning Disability Partnerships) you arrive at zero or stay at square one during which long drawn out time you are tortured and then punished with the fallout of the consequences that “they” have created.

We are all going to carry on stressfully struggling through the ever increasing labyrinth of jargon and formulations, and bureaucratic hoops and stages, at the mercy of those despicable people that are exercising their discretionary powers this way, only to come full circle and end up back where we started, and having to repeat the whole stressful meaningless exercise yet again. All the while having to deal with an incredibly stressful learning disability lifestyle. Legally and morally we still have to go through the whole charade to verify our case even though the result is injustice. The RAS forms are rigged (by a person) with a factoring quotient that always gives a zero result !

Sadly it seems by all our experiences that all our efforts at bringing into reality the humanity that we are lead to believe is what makes us humans different are being crushed by the people with no humanity and who have the power to do it.

This problem is systemic.

This systemic problem is made possible by the policy that drives it.

The policy comes from the Government policy.

It’s simple, the public voted to cut benefits, a term they understood as unemployment benefits by the way that pre-election discussions were always spearheaded. However, there is also a simple agenda, the Government is using the vote catching “get the unemployed loafers off benefits” and be like the rest of the “hard working people” by using the word Welfare as a Trojan Horse to include and cut Disability, Learning Disability, and Autism support funding.

However, those hard working people are the same people that have sons, daughters, spouses, family members who are suffering disabilities and are struggling against this despicable agenda and the despicable people that are employed to carry this out in the name of “care”. According to Mencap there are approximately 1.4 million people in UK affected by learning disabilities. Add to this all the “elderly hard working families” that have or are affected by a son, daughter or relative with autism or learning disabilities and you have got approximately 5.2 million people, a sizeable chunk of angry voters. The answer, in my opinion after a very long and stressful learning curve, is not to petition this Minister or that Minister, because they pass you from pillar to post and Parties will fudge and invent (expensive) commissioners, commissions or working committees that never conclude anything satisfactorily,

I think what we are all saying should be said together as one voice, I think the total number of voices are considerable and we should agree an AUTISM MANDATE list of requirements that must be carried out (now).This could include funding, a dethroning of Local Authorities fettering the law and clarification of social service legal limits making them a service proper. etc

This AUTISM MANDATE would be presented to the main political parties prior to the next general election offering them the chance to pledge to include our demands into their policy in return for our vote.

If no party agrees we withhold our vote.We all know that politicians are desperate for every last vote. If it is our moral duty to vote why would we vote for immoral representatives. No one “out there” is going to help or change anything, there is  only ourselves, together.